New ceiling announced for temporary accommodation subsidy.

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    From the attached you will note that a new subsidy control in the form of an upper limit (ie £500 pw in London and £375pw elsewhere) has been announced and introduced from today.This is quite separate but in addition to the changes that were previously announced.


    Re subsidy circular, S3/2010, which came out yesterday.Par 12 will make worrying reading for some authorities, particularly those that transferred all their stock to a housing association(s) in a LSVT and are leasing back some of the accommodation to meet homelessness responsibilities.


    Our Software supplier contacted us yesterday to confirm that they would look to do something with system, but this had very much just been sprung on them with little notice, “One Strike” anyone. Seems to be becoming the fashion?

    Saying that would only impact on any 5 bed properties in our BRMA’s.


    So where do you get hold of S3/2010 as we don’t seem to have been sent a copy and it’s not on their website? I’m getting fed up with their patchy distribution


    Its on this site under circulars.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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