New claim after receipt of EPP

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    Bit of a disagreement going on in the office as to when a new claim should be keyed following the award of EPP.

    Claimant on I/S which ends meaning their benefit is stopped wef 1 October 2006. EPP awarded for the period 2 – 29 October 2006.
    New application form issued on 27 September 2006.

    Form received back on 23 November 2006.

    When to key the new benefit – 30 October 2006 or 27 November 2006?

    For what it’s worth I think it should be keyed from 27 Nov.


    They have four weeks from the end of the EP in which to claim continuous in-work entitlement – see Reg 72(6). 23 November is within 4 weeks of 29 October, so he made it


    That’s great. Thanks Peter


    The reg (72 (6) (b)) says four weeks. 23.11.06 is within twenty eight days of the end of the EPP so the claim should start w.e.f 30.10.06 (IMHO)

    Do I know what I'm doing? The jury's out on that........................

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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