New claim or late request for a revsion?

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    Hi there, i have this claim that’s causing much discussion here, and i hope that someone can shed some light on the best way to handle it.

    This claim was terminated, following claimant’s failure to respond to an intervention, from the paid to date, (after suspension and one further month being allowed), on 17/05/07.

    On 25/06/07 we received a change of address application form stating that claimant had moved on 21/05/07. The claim had been completed by the claimant’s Housing Officer, and signed by the claimant. There is a request for backdated benefit to the date the tenancy started. The new property provides support for tenants with learning difficulties. No new application form was sent to the clmt on receipt of the change of circs form.

    Does this mean that we cannot yet pay the claim, as we do not have any income/capital declaration/ new app, or a request for late revision?

    The claimant is receiving incapacity and DLA, confirmed via CIS, so would we be being too officious if we demanded a full a/f or an income/capital declaration?


    Capital doesn’t have any effect on Incap or DLA, so you have no guarantee that they don’t have money that would affect their claim.

    As they notified you of the change of address over a calendar month after the change, they would have to show Good Cause, hence the backdating. As the claimant has learning difficulties, you could allow it. It all depends on the reasons why they couldn’t inform the authority within a calendar month. As for the Change of Circs or New Claim form, I’d guess you could make a decision to accept the Change of Circs form as a New Claim. It depends whether the Change form asks all the same questions, really.

    Or you could assume that the capital details were the same as previously held, put the claim into payment and request the information within a calendar month; then if the information isn’t forthcoming, suspend the claim in the usual way?

    Personally, I’d be inclined to allow the use of the form, but request at least some kind of capital verification.


    Cheers Cap’n Jack,

    the coa a/f doesn’t include any income or capital questions, only personal details and rent.

    A visiting officer has now been sent to get clmt to complete a full a/f, and verify income/capital, and get reasons for late claim, so hopefully this should be sorted soon.

    Thanks for your input.


    [quote:e55fd251aa=”jimbo”]Cheers Cap’n Jack,

    *[i:e55fd251aa]salutes rather wobbily[/i:e55fd251aa]*

    Thanks for your input.[/quote:e55fd251aa]

    No problem. VO is the best idea really, especially as he didn’t respond to previous letters. Which always makes me wonder what their support workers are doing….. 🙄

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