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    Hi all,

    We would like your help settling dispute in our office please! … We have a claim in and the customer currently doesnt qualify. Their application is processed and they are advised accordingly. At the time of processing the claim it is noted that the applicant is expecting a baby and providing all else remains the same, they will begin to qualify when the baby is born in 4 weeks time.

    upon notice that the baby is born, can we supercede the decision that they do not qualify without a new application form being submitted or do we need a new application form?



    I think that once you have made the decision there are no further grounds for supercession – unless there was incorrect info used, which doesn’t seem to be the case here.

    However, why not write to your claimant, ask them to confirm they want to claim again in X weeks time, and use your current (if decided) claim form along with the letter as a new claim. 8)


    I agree with Jon, once a decision has been made on a claim it ceases to exist, the only thing I think I can add is that as you were aware that they would qualify due to a future change in circumstances, (it would have been better to treat the claim as an advanced claim) this could be used as an intention to claim from 4 weeks after the initial claim form was received. You can invite a claim and as long as the claim form is returned within a month of issue claim can be paid from date new dependant child was born. 🙂


    Presumably the circumstances of the claimant will change with the birth of the new baby.If the claimant is working there will be the introduction of or an increase in Child Tax Credit and change in Working Tax Credit.If unemployed then the claimant’s state benefits will most likely alter.If a private tenant on LHA then there might be an additional room rate increase;if on old style HB then there might be an increase in the size criteria based Local Reference Rent. So lots of things on the old form will have to be brought up to date, enough probably to warrant leaving it in the ‘nil awards’ files and getting a new claim.
    My view would be to seek that new claim nearer the time of the birth and then keeping it aside until the baby is born, explaining to the claimant of the need to report all changes consequential to the arrival of the new child.Otherwise there is the risk that putting in a new claim after the birth might not be the most pressing priority of the family at this time of great excitement whereby they might miss out HB and/or CTB for a week or more.
    Ah! Will that not mean your turnaround time for the right time indicator taking a knock I hear some benefit managers and staff muttering.Well what is more important in this case-customer care or adherence to some piece of number crunching.

    Ozzies Mate

    Number crunching, number crunching! 😳

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