New interventions regime from April 2007

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    Has anyone got any thoughts about what targets need to be set from April 2007 in respect of the new arrangements?

    I’ve read that comparisons of HBMS output will be made by MIDAS month by month. What will MIDAS be measuring? (not claimant error overpayments again surely!) I don’t know if our current performance will achieve what’s required, so presumably I need to monitor outputs now so that we have time to plan whatever needs to change.

    chris harvey

    I’m waiting for the circular that will have all the answers no doubt.
    I understand from the scant information I have picked up that it is a bit like the return of WIBS in that it will be the number of cases that we detect incorrect benefit that will be counted from the HBMS scan. how we detect the incorrect benefit cases will be up to us but is likely to involve some form of marketing that encourages claimants to notify relevant changes quickly, as well as targeted checks using the high risk data supplied to each LA.

    david kearney

    See novembers housing benefit direct, pretty much as described by Chris. Workshops and a circular to follow.

    Kevin D

    Just a thought… Will the new “interventions” actually have a legal basis? šŸ˜ˆ


    I see 6(1)(h) and particularly 6(1)(hh) of the SSA as providing the authority for interventions as it talks about info or evidence ā€œneeded for a determination [b:058657793e]whether [/b:058657793e]a decision on an award of benefitā€¦should be revisedā€¦or supersededā€

    I.E the evidence or info is not just required to be provided where a decision [b:058657793e]is[/b:058657793e] to be revised or superseded.

    This provision is used by Reg 86(1)of the HB Regs 2006 to include the words ā€œor continuing entitlement toā€


    Where is the relevant change of circumstances that casts doubt on whether there is continuing entitlement?


    I don’t see that as a factor for the SSA or Reg 86 authorising interventions.

    That would come in to play if the LA were looking to suspend payment under the D&A Regs or to actually revise or superceed a decision but I don’t think it would come into play until then.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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