New QuickCalc Help file – how to process Tax Credit Awards

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    [color=red:0a2a4b4c1c][b:0a2a4b4c1c]Please note: [/b:0a2a4b4c1c]this item is about the 2004/5 methods of working out TCs. See later posts for experimental QuickCalc tools for post April 2005 methods. [/color:0a2a4b4c1c]

    Visit the QuickCalc main menu to see a new 12 page guide to processing *all types of TC award using the QuickCalc tools
    See it online at [url=][/url]

    Click “Quickcalc tools” to go to menu with help file link

    *all = all I am aware of – 5 in total

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