New SC claims, uprating and the Scans

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    Darren Tompkins

    We seem to be getting a large number of ETD’s relating to new Savings Credit claims were the ETD only shows the October amount and not the uprated amount. Is anyone else having this problem.

    If we only receive the October amounts is it our responsibility to contact the Pension Service for the April uprate amounts, or do we just wait until they tell us and possibly run the case for a year on the incorrect amounts. Currently we are ringing TPS for the April amounts but I’m not sure we should be.

    On another matter, we have now started getting the monthly scans which are supposed to cover all changes in circs for the last month, but what are we to do if the information on the scan contradicts a recently received ETD. For example, last scan received 27MAY04, latest scan received 22JUN04. A CIC appears on this scan showing AIF = £110 & SC = £10. But an ETD was received 17JUN04 showing AIF = £115 and SC = £12.50 (dummy amounts). The ETD has a known date, but the CIC on the scan is dated 22JUN04 but could actually be from any date between 27MAY04 and 21JUN04 and so could be possibly be before the ETD. We are supposed to use the last piece of information received from TPS, but how do we know which is the latest info without contacting them?

    Any thoughts gladly appreciated.

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