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    SI2003/325 inserts a new schedule (5ZA) into the HB regs by virtue of Reg 21 Sch 2 para 1(c). This new schedule contains the capital disregard list as it applies to pension credit recipients.

    Can anyone tell me where the current Schedule 5 gets disapplied for these same people?


    Regs 21 to 45 as is don’t apply to pensioners (Reg 8 in 325); Sched 5 as is applies by virtue of existing Reg 38, which is within the obliterated range.

    So the only schedule that will apply to pensioners’ capital is the new one.

    I think the only practicable way to read the Regs post-October will be to maintain two completely separate copies, one for pensioners and one for others, each with the irrelevant passages deleted.


    Many thanks Peter. I’d forgotten that Sch 5 only applied by virtue of reg 38. I completely agree that you need to maintain 2 seperate copies of the regs. It took me a long time to do but I now have a full set of HB “pensioner” regs with all the relevant SI’s incorporated. It takes a lot of pencil sharpening and at least a roll of sellotape but it is definitely worth it!


    do you fancy publishing them?!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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