New strategy to reduce ESA appeals

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    Yes…that’ll work….

    Actually I think it’s pretty disgusting that they now seem to be trying to blame DWP staff for the mess. DWP staff in my experience are much like LA HB staff – most want to do a good and fair job (there are inevitably a few less savoury exceptions!) My contacts in JC+ tell me that most of the workforce is now utterly deskilled – they get just enough training to do a narrowly defined job; customer interactions are tightly scripted. They lack the knowledge, let alone the authority to make proper decisions. I still don’t get what some poor AO in an office can do to override an ATOS decision (sorry…”recommendation”) even if they did think it was dubious.

    Lee Fearon

    “The job centres should be less mechanistic and more human, nicer to people,” he said.

    Not sure about this. Adopting a McDonald’s type approach and telling claimants to “have a nice day” after infoming them that their entitlement will be cut, is likely to lead to another series of riots.


    Offering a Big Mac and fries might help though.

    Andi M

    From the article

    “The process of assessing eligibility for ESA – which replaced incapacity benefit in 2008 – began across the UK in April. About 11,000 tests are being carried out each month. ”

    If that figure is correct, there is no way the conversion project is going to be finished on time.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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