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    Good Morning,

    I have recently come across the following claim:


    The claimant enrolled onto a full time BSc Social Work Degree on 26/09/11.

    She has declared and provided proof of the following income:

    Tuition Fee Loan: £3,375.00

    Maintenance Loan: £4,950.00 – broken down as follows:

    Loan not based on household income: £3,564.00
    Plus loan based on household income: £1,386.00
    Equals loan available to you: £4,950.00
    Loan requested: £4,950.00


    Special Support Grant: £2,906.00
    Parent’s Learning Allowance: £1,508.00
    Childcare Grant: £2,465.01
    Total: £6,879.01

    I was, however, under the impression (perhaps mistakenly) that when a NHS degree student is in receipt of a bursary they are only entitled to receive a Maintenance Loan at the lower rate i.e. £2,324.00.

    Could anyone clarify whether this is the case? Is it possible that the student financing has been calculated incorrectly. This notwithstanding, I would presume that we would still only take into account the lower loan rate anyway?

    Inga Mycroft


    My understanding is that NHS funded students doing a social work course are entitled to a standard student loan rather than the lower amount avaialable to other NHS degree students. This is in addition to the bursary.



    I dont think that your claimant is a NHS student :~ student social workers normaly get a loan through the SLC

    Inga Mycroft

    They can get a full loan through the SLC and a bursary through the NHS Business Services Authority. They’re a bit of one and a bit of the other!


    well you lean somethin new every day H)

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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