Nine month protection ending in next financial year

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    Would appreciate any advice/opinions/comments etc

    We are running Civica here in sunny Great Yarmouth and due to the way the year is flying by the anniversary report is now ending the nine month protection in the next financial year.

    We are quite concerned about how to go with notifications etc regarding this.

    If we don’t manually edit the claim the letters just show question marks for the period after the nine month protection. If we do manually edit the claim civica is dropping the protection from correct date but displaying all the calculations as they would be if the protection ended today. So yes the letters read ok but we are notifying people of new benefit awards which we know will be incorrect when we actually get to the relevant date.

    what are others doing in this situation

    Thanks a lot


    As we don’t know the personal allowances/premiums/upratings etc yet then all you can really do is notify the customer that the TP will last for 9 months and the likelihood is that HB will reduce as a result of the TP ending. Their entitlement from April 2012 will be notified to them during the normal year-end mass calc and this will show the correct calculation from the end of the TP period.

    Haven’t worked on Civica for a while but from what I can remember my advice would be to leave the last period on the letter before April 2012 open-ended.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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