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    Can I pose a question regarding forms not being received from the DWP. I have a number of cases where our claimants have been awarded JSA/ESA/ IS but no claim form has been received.


    My understanding is (taken directly from a DWP member of staff), they are asked at the point of making their passported claim, do they want to claim HB/CTB? To which I assume they say yes (can't see why they would say no, it would not make sense)

    In a number of cases no form is sent to us (sometimes we get an ETD confirming their award) and it is only a few weeks later when the claimant chases up their HB/CTB are they aware that they need to complete an application form. Normally this is more then 4 weeks after their PB is awarded from, so they lose out on entitlement.

    I am inclinced to back-date these cases as I feel the DWP have not complied with current practices. Am I being too accomodating to the claimant in wanting to back-date? What are others views?


    Can you get round it by saying that the time they notified the DWP they wanted to claim can be treated as an ‘intention to claim’ and they then have a month from the date any further information is requested (claim form sent) to provide the information/claim form? This then wouldn’t even be a backdate.


    Amanda JB

    CH/2940/2007 is worth a read as covers this scenario

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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