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    a non dep is receiving £30.00 per week adult learning grant. He also works part time for a small wage. Is the adult learning grant included as inocme?


    If he is only working part time it wont matter anyway as only the lower deduction would apply.


    his wages on average are £79.00 per week plus the £30.00 per week Adult learning grant

    Kevin D


    As Sean noted, if the clmt is only working part-time (i.e. average hours [u:7363dc1a83]under[/u:7363dc1a83] 16 hours per week), the clmt could have income of £5,000 per week and the lower deduction would still apply.

    [b:7363dc1a83]HBR 74(1)(b)[/b:7363dc1a83] would apply. “[u:7363dc1a83]Remunerative work[/u:7363dc1a83]” is defined in [b:7363dc1a83]HBR 2(1) & HBR 6[/b:7363dc1a83].

    If the clmt is working more than 16 hours, I suspect that the ALE must be taken into account. This is because it is the GROSS income of a non-dep that must be taken into account ([b:7363dc1a83]HBR 74(2)[/b:7363dc1a83]). There is no distinction between types of income; simply gross income (i.e. all).


    Out of curiosity is the non – dep a full time student and can they be discounted for the purposes of a NDD?

    Do I know what I'm doing? The jury's out on that........................


    no he is not a student


    How does he qualify for the grant then?

    What is ALG?

    ALG is a means tested allowance of up to £30 per week to adults resident in England studying full time for a first full level 2 or first full level 3 qualification. It’s open to everyone aged 19 or over.

    When will the grants be available?
    ALG is available in the 28 areas above for the academic year 2006/07. The Grant will eventually be extended to all adults in the workforce.

    When will the grants become a national programme?
    There are plans to make ALG available nationally in 2007/08 academic year.

    What is the point of this new grant?
    This new grant will help those who’ve not succeeded in their initial education and want to get the qualifications they need for their future careers. It offers financial help for those doing full-time further education courses.

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