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    Help, we have a non dep with very odd pay slips. It appears he works for an insurance company ” Fidelity Payment Facilities”.His pay slips show a basic fortnightly pay, so far so good, but then they show a “statement of income and expenditure for Fidelity Reference”.
    It looks like there is a figure called “gross receipts”, I think this is sales he generated. Then deducted from this are his basic salary, tax, NI an admin fee, accident insurance and expenses. Then the resulting net figure is added to his net basic pay and his expenses to give the payment he receives.
    So, as we take gross income, should we take his gross basic, and then add on his income from gross receipts? Or do we deduct the admin fee and insurance from these gross receipts?
    Anyone able to shed any light on this?

    Kevin D

    Based on the info given, I’d calc as follows:

    Gross income (i.e. everything), less:

    – expenses
    – admin fee (treated as an expense)
    – accident insurance (treated as an expense)

    Although non-dep rules require GROSS income to be taken into account, my view is that it means after expenses. But, case law is conflicting. This earlier thread may help. Or not…. :



    Thanks, that helps, seems a fairer way to do it.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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