non dep or not?

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    I have a claimant (age 66) who had foster children in her household. Now the girls are over the age of 18 thay are remaining in the household under an Adult placement scheme. This means social services are paying 154.00 each per week to my claimant(49.00 for lodgings and 105.00 for support). The two girls are working and pay for their own meals and clothing.
    Under reg 3(2) e the payts are on a commercial basis but not made by the girls and therefore under reg 3 (3) it appears I could treatthem as non deps as they are not liable to make payts under reg 7(1)
    The claimant is on guarantee credit and DWP have confirmed to her this will be unaffected.
    If I treat them as non deps I will be able to delay the deduction for 26 wks.

    Does any one have any other thoughts on this? thanks


    Fostering is a commercial arrangement, as is the adult placement. The social services payments are payments made on the girls behalf.

    The girls are not non dependants

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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