Non-dep partner of dep!!!

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    Got a strange one!

    Father lives in 2 bed property with dep daughter. Now daughter’s partner has moved in (they are both 16) how do we treat the partner? At present no CHB is paid for partner, however father has said he will apply for it as boy is at college.

    Should they be entitled to 3 bedroom rate as we can’t couple a non-dep and a dep and then 2 deps if CHB is awarded?

    Any help would be much appreciated!


    Daughter’s partner is a dependant of your clt, not a non-dependant. He is still a “child” and is not listed in Reg 21 (3) as excluded from being the responsibility of the clt. The Regulations don’t seem to recognise the concept of a couple aged only 16 still living with family but, by a tortuous process of elimination, you could argue that one of the definitons of a couple is that they are members of the same household and your “couple” are actually members of somebody else’s so they are not a couple [i:c106eb0aec]ergo [/i:c106eb0aec]the boy needs a separate room on account of gender – so, the 3 Room rate.

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