Non-dependant change of circs

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    Just been notified that non-dep (DoB Jan 1986) is working. Last claim form recd was in Nov 2003 when clmt stated he was at college. We kept him on as a dependant. We now know that child benefit ended in Feb 2003….do we:

    a) input as non-dep from Feb 2003, end child allowance and input earnings, thus creating o/p
    b) as he was only 17 in Nov 03 when last app recd, and clmt does not have duty to notify us when her kids reach 18, do we just input new details from last app (March 06).
    c) happy medium between a) and b)?


    Kevin D

    There is nothing in the HB/CTB regs that allows an LA to ignore a CofC that affects HB/CTB entitlement. So, all the changes must be dealt with.

    The next stage is the overpayment. Is it recoverable? If yes (in part, or whole), should there be actual recovery? If not recoverable, LA bears the subsidy loss.

    In my view, you cannot (legally) ignore the changes for administrative convenience.



    Thanks Kevin, very helpful. Will get dates when circs changed as a first step and then decide whether to recover or not…prob partial recovery…

    Hope you find ‘somewhere’ soon…if of course, that’s what you’re looking for….could advise you to follow the yellow brick road, but then you’d probably get involved in all sorts of adventures….


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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