Non dependant deduction for a student

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    Child Benefit ceased for a dependant at the end of August 2010 and they start as a first year university student at the beginning of October 2010. How are they treated on their parent’s claim for the month of September? A non dependant deduction appears to apply but this feels a bit perverse. Any ideas?

    Mike Bailey

    I have a case for which read 2012 instead of 2010. Does anyone now have an answer to this old query?


    Assuming the person is no longer entitled to Child Benefit when they begin University I believe (as Jim already stated) that a deduction will apply; CB has ended so they are not a DP; the course is not continuous so the ND cannot be treated as a student during the break between courses – and if they are not receiving JSA(IB) or assessment phase ESA(IR) a deduction will apply.

    Unless the CL/PT are on DLAC/AA or qualify for the 26 week deduction delay I think they are stuck with a minimum deduction for the period between courses.


    The Academic year begins on the 1st September, therefore from this date they are a student, even if their actual teaching doesn’t begin until a later date. I think that’s the view I’d take.


    I have the same situation and, having looked into it, I don't think either of these responses is exactly right.

    No deduction would apply for CTB (or now CTR – at least in Oxford!) because they continue to be a disregarded person for Council Tax (school leavers are disregarded for Council Tax until 1 November).

    However, a deduction should apply for HB from the Monday following the Monday after the Child Benefit terminal date (i.e. the Monday after the first Monday in September) until the Monday after the start of their course, when they become a non-dep student.

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