Non dependant deductions – Change of circumstance P.I

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    Where a claimant advises that a non dependant has moved into the household and no deduction is made for 26 weeks, what date should be applied for the change of circumstance P.I?
    At Bradford we have decided to apply the P.I on receipt of the information and we will add the non dependant to the claim on a zero deduction for the first 26 weeks and the correct deduction according to the gross income from then on.

    Julian Hobson

    How can you if the CoC doesn’t affect the entitlement ? My understanding on the CoC PI is that only those changes affecting entitlement are counted and so it will only count it from the date the deduction or change in deduction applies. If it uses the date of notification to calculate the PI then it will say that it took 26 weeks to do it !! I’m hoping SX3 have a system solution.

    Julian Hobson

    I have been asked by DWP to make everyone aware of the following clarification.

    It makes sense but I hope the systems can cope, I still think that systems will either not count the change at all for PI purposes because there is no change OR will count but only at the point of change and if it is the latter will the original notif date be used to calculate the days ? AS far as SX3 is concerned there is no mention of how the count will be done for PI purposes in their release notes. Does anyone know ?


    The examples given above are fine….the problem is that our system (Academy) will not let you process a change into the next financial year.
    So if a non-dep moves in say in December…..can not be processed until after gone through Mass Recalc in Feb/March of the following year?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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