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    An assessor where I am currently has opened a new claim from a widow who was previously the partenr on the previous claim. The now deceased claimant had attendance allowance. The widow does not. There are non-dependants in the household.

    The claim is complicated by the fact that we have only just been told about the death of the original claimant and he died in June of last year.

    There is a further complication in that the assessor used the HBIS facility “based on” to create the new claim. HBIS has delayed the non dependant charge.

    On top of all this, the widow signed the form all the way through as the claimant, but put her husband as the claimant.

    I am floating this, there are two ways I can see this as being corrected. Leave it as it is. Treating the now widow as the original claimant and therefore the change of circumstances is accurate. (The system being correct on the new claim but wrong on the old) or correcting it and treating the widow as having made a new claim and therefore the deductions should have been applied from the start of her claim.

    Ideas please.

    Darren Tompkins

    I’ll admit that the whole idea of non deps and pensioners confuses me a bit, but shouldn’t the non-dep concession only apply if a new non dep moves into the household or if the non-dep has an increase in ther income? In the situation you have mentioned neither of these cases is true as the only change is relating to the claimant/partner.

    I would also be wary of HBIS. We have just changed from HBIS to IBS and only now discovered that HBIS was awarding the 26 week concession to people coming off IS/JSA into work when it shouldn’t do.


    The 26 week concession applies to any increase in the rate of non dependant deduction. I am wary of most systems, hence my job in systems control. Surely HBIS is correct when it awards the 26 weeks for non deps moving from JSA into work. If IBS does not do this then it is wrong, not HBIS.

    Still stuck on my case though, and it gets worse as HBIS has messed up as it appears only to have awarded a 22 week concession. (AAAGH!)

    Happily I have been advised that theclaiamnt is applying for attendance allowance (hope she gets it).


    You might also want to look at the topic two boxes below this one…… 🙄

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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