Non-deps: Disadvantageous changes

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    I would be grateful for some clarification as I am receiving conflicting information ….
    Clmt 65+. No non-dep in household.
    Non-dep occupies 1 Jan 2004. Non-dep is in remunerative work with a gross weekly income of £135 meaning a £17 deduction will be taken from 5 July 2004 (26 week delay). On 7 April 2004, the clmt tells us that the non-dep has had a substantial pay increase from 31 March 2003, his new weekly gross income is £300 a week, meaning the highest non-dep deduction is to be taken. Can I clarify when the highest non-dep deduction is taken … do we take the highest non-dep deduction from 5 July 2004 (because when the non-dep deduction is due to be taken, it will be based on their actual circumstances on that date) OR do we add another 26 ‘waiting period’, contnue to take no non-dep deduction, until 5 July 2004, then take £17 a week, and then, from 4 October 2004, take the highest NND?
    Any responses greatfully received.


    I’m waiting for the amending SI before I would attempt this sort of question!


    This is the information being given to software suppliers from the DWP:
    “Once the 26 week point has been reached, the circumstances of the non-dep at that time will determine the amount of the deduction. Any increases in the non-dependant’s income during the 26 week period will not trigger another overlapping 26 week period”.
    I hope the amending SI makes this clear and will certainly make things easy … the last thing we want is overlapping/multiple 26 week waiting periods!


    What if, the deduction has been deffered for 26 weeks, you ask for upto date non dep income details a couple of weeks prior, but there is no reply?

    do we use the original details from 6months ago or do we slap a full charge on and wait for the info?

    I know what I’d be inclined to do! 😉

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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