Non PC Pensioner Cases- the 1 yr "back-date"

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    Hello folks,

    Just wondering what other Council’s do with the above- where the required verification is not provided.

    If we have a properly completed claim from a Non-PC pensioner, with all required verification for their current circumstances- we would initially process their claim from NOW, and then turn to the 1 yr back-date.

    We would request verification to allow the claim to be keyed for the period back 1 yr. If it is not provided, can we just assume they do not wish to have their claim taken back a year and leave their claim running with its original start date.?

    Or have we got an absolute obligation to go back?? unless the claimant states in writing they do not etc??

    Any thought would be most welcome.


    Not sure you can give what you want which appears to be a yes / no answer, so I’ll try to qualify it as simply as I can. 😕

    We have an absolute obligation to go back, [b:0182742d6a]providing we have the evidence to do so[/b:0182742d6a].

    As in any other case if we do not have the evidence then we would have to make some kind of adverse inference for that period.
    So as long as you are satisfied you have the evidence you need, then award “a year’s backdating” or however long you have the evidence for.
    If you ain’t got the evidence………. 8)

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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