NOT Living Together as Husband and Wife

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    have a claim for a two bed property with three tenants. Two male one female. Male A and Female share one room Male B has his own room.

    Female has made a claim for HB but states that Male A is not her partner – they just share a double bed!

    Don’t have enough to refuse the claim, but don’t want to pay.

    Any suggestions?

    Andy Thurman

    😯 I know LT’s are difficult to prove but I think there are grounds here! What is the rationale behind the claimant’s statement that they are not LTAHAW?
    Would your Fraud team visit on this? I bet the L/L has assumed them to be a couple.
    If your clmt. had stated they were a couple, had split ‘amicably’ & were seeing out tenancy you’d probably have to accept it, but I suspect this is a case of a couple who believe in ‘independence’. I’d certainly be wanting to question their decision to choose their current living arrangements.

    What is clmt’s income? Has she claimed JSA (& how did that go, if she did)? Surely she’s just trying it on!! 😈 8)


    She was in receipt of JSA (IB) for a two month period. Is now working earning £150 p/w.

    I know that this is a dodgy case, but just can’t prove it.


    Call them in for an interview (or get Fraud to do it under caution), go through the questions listed on A16/2005


    Andy Thurman

    mmm… JSA decision isn’t helpful, but I suspect JC+ would be unaware of the shared bed situation.

    I would definitely request info as per Annex A to Part C1 of guidance manual – as a pre-cursor to interview. I guess if this has all been done before, you are stuck with the decision unless there is a relevant coc (e.g. they move together & are still sharing a bed!).

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