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    If a claimant reports a change to their pension credit which will decrease HB/CTB I am aware that the change should be amended from the Monday following the date the Pension Service notified us of the change [u:938db11d8f]or[/u:938db11d8f] the Monday following the date it changed (provided the delay is not the claimants fault).

    If a claimant sends to us a copy of their notification letter and we check CIS can we amend the change from the Monday following the CIS check [u:938db11d8f]or[/u:938db11d8f] do we actually need to issue a LA17 to the Pension Service and wait for an ETD as official notification?

    Thanks in advance

    Andy Thurman

    It doesn’t have to be an ETD but you must get the PS to notify in some way (e.g. fax). You’d need to contact PS anyway to get the flags set.


    I remember having a debate some time ago about whether downloading data from the CIS server onto an LA terminal amounts to DWP notifiyng the LA, or whether this has to be a process consciously instigated by DWP. I don’t think we ever resolved it.

    Darren Tompkins

    Can anyone offer some advice on this scenario:- Customer is awarded Savings Credit from December 09 but we do not receive a notification from the Pension Service. We know that the HB indicator is ticked as just prior to this award we had an ‘excess income’ ETD. On a review visit in June 10 the customer advises us that was getting PC, but the assessor failed to contact the PS for the details. The error is not picked up until we receive the uprate ETD in January 11. My problem is that the PC is not supposed to be input until the LA is notified by the PS. Should we only input the PC from the date the ETD was receieved, or should we input from June 10 and write off any overpayment as LA error?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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