NotifIcation of DHP payment ceasing to a landlord

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    Trevor Kenward


    Payments of HB made to LL. Claimant gets awarded DHP which is included with HB payment. Claimants entitlement to DHP ends. System produces notification to claimant but not to LL. HB award continues at same rate.
    LL is complaning that he was not notified of reduced payments(due to DHP ceasing).
    Is this a system problem or is there no legal requirement to notify the LL in such a case. My view is that as a recipient of such a ‘ payment’ that he should have had notification but I stand,as ever, to be corrected.


    Must admit I am not aware of any statutory requirements regarding notices of DHP’s and am pretty certain there are none.

    LL should have had notice in terms of good practice but that’s as far as it goes (I think)


    I agree Reg 6(3) of the DFA Regs only talk about the “person who claimed” DHPs or “who has requested a review of a decision in respect of that claim”, no mention of landlords.

    I also agree, however, that good practice would be to notify the landlord.


    When we notify a clt that they have been sucesful we also write to the l/l (where pyts are being made to them). At this time both the clt and l/l are made aware of the period of the award. Assuming you do the same the l/l already knew when payments were due to stop (although he may have forgotten this).

    Trevor Kenward

    Thanks for replies, totally agree with view that we should have advised landlord but relied on our new computer system to produce such notification(ahem!)
    Unfortunately in relation to Simons post the DHP claim ended earlier than expected as he had an undisclosed income which although disregarded for HB meant he could afford the rent top up.

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