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    Am having to consider signing up to National Performance Management Framework and have just been to a demo by Aspiren the company that is developing it.

    From my understanding first year is free, through Performance Standards, apart from local IT set up costs, but then will have to pay (£10K per year is figure going around at moment) for next 5 years.

    Seems this is going to be the way DWP will prefer we send data to them in the future.

    Has any one any views on this product?


    I am told quite a few LA’s are signing up to it, but would be interested to see how may will be willing to pay £10k thereafter.

    My LA is signing up.


    The initial sign up carries no commitment to continue when the charges start to apply. Apparently, the more LAs that sign up, the lower the eventual cost and the greater the chance of the DWP meeting some/all of the cost in future.

    We have signed up for now, but will wait and see what the actual future cost is before we commit to future expenditure.


    One aspect of the NPMF is the ability to send the MIS returns electronically with full DWP validation.
    If a large number of authorities sign up and start sending their returns this way it will mean savings for the DWP.
    I would expect further funding towards the cost of licences to ensure that stats continue to be sent this way after the first year.


    We are one of the original LA’s who piloted this and it has been very worthwhile for us. Quite a bit is now automated and if nothing else you can drill down on your new claims/change of circs PI’s very easily to find out where you have problems. An added bonus is that you can benchmark against other LA’s on a monthly basis – very helpful to either re-assure you that you are doing okay, or gives you some LA’s to contact to find out what they are doing better. The cost for the future will depend on who all signs up – but surely if it is free at least for one year you have nothing to lose!


    Yep signed up for it and can’t wait to give it a whirl. Sounds like a great idea, when will they do the same found Revenues BVPI and better still subsidy!

    As for the 10K I won’t be paying for that! This product will help the DWP too, so I feel they should foot half the bill.

    Also great to read the last comments by kareni about benchmarking. That’s going to be so useful especially when dealing with local issues and members concerns about performance.


    We were also part of the initial 10 Scottish Authorities who joined up. Even in the short time NPMF has been running it has evolved and we are finding many benefits. As well as the automation of STats straight through to DWP the time savings for stats data alone is worthwhile. In addition there are consortium meetings where we can share best practise and are helping each other improve in many areas. Dwp have indicated that this may end up being a preferred method of data transfer!!

    It is important to remember that it can be used for other areas as well as benefits.

    We use this product to monitor sickness levels. council tax collection, mail throughput and fraud. Information can be automated from your back offices systems and we also hope to automate measures shortly from our DIP system.


    Just been on a training session today and been told that now somewhere in region of 227 Councils have already signed up as of today.

    New functionality coming on line all the time and this is definitely something all Councils should be considering.

    Personalised dashboards, excellent league tables with great search options.


    [quote:1033adea7a]Personalised dashboards, excellent league tables with great search options[/quote:1033adea7a]

    But does it allow you to pick your Fantasy Assessment Team?


    Hmmm, but look at HB Direct 51:

    The face of data collection is changing – by 2008 HBDS
    aim to collect all HB/CTB data via the HBSDIAD Scan.

    The existing 100% data extract (HBSDIAD scan) has been
    running for 18 months in its present format but has recently
    been given an overhaul. The overhaul comes in the shape
    of additional questions added to the scan specification in
    order to collect LHA data, as well as enabling full replication
    of Stats 116, 121, 122 and 123. The first extract using this
    revised format will take place in July 2006. Next year
    further enhancements will be made in order to collect more
    data via the scan.

    Ok no Stats 124 in there – yet.
    But how long until the DWP help themselves anyway I wonder ?

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