Occupational Pensions on ETDs

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    We are receiving ETDs from the Pension Service stating that there are two occupasional pensions – or at least there are two entries for occupational pension in the notification.

    However, when this was queried with the Pension Service the person I spoke to stated that the customer actullay only had one occupational pension and that it was being split into a ‘GMP Pre 88’ amount and a ‘normal’ amount. They stated that this is the way they are doing this now, however, the person I spoke to did not know if it is the Pension Service or the company who were splitting the pension (how helpful!).

    Does anyone know anything about this and possibly shed some light.

    Many thanks


    My understanding is that if a Pension Service officer is aware that part of a private pension is not subject to annual increases, they will put the part that does not get increased under one code and the part that does get increased in another code. This ensures when they carry out annual percentage increases that they apply the increase correctly.

    The split is normally provided on the pension payment advice.

    The number of cases actually input like this however is small because Pension Service staff had easements when processing new claims to speed up processing to meet government year-end targets.

    Does this help?


    Yes, it makes a bit more sense now – thanks clare.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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