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    Joanne Ross

    I have a claimant whose husband moved to Hampshire to work full-time as a Butler. She has stated his sole and main residence is in Hampshire and is part of his contract of employment. He cannot be liable for the council tax at the property in hampshire as he is a member of staff. He was working 6 days & 5 nights a week. He was also getting the child tax credits for his children who remained living with the claimant. The claimant and her husband own the property she lives in.

    The claimant is stating she should be entitled to a single person discount as her husband does not live with her. She also wants to claim CTB as a lone parent.

    The claimant has appealed our decision to class him as part of the household, not award a DSP and use his earnings as part of the household income. The decision to class him as part of the household and her partner was taken because he works away and is not liable for council tax at any other porperty.

    She has now advised her husband has no intention of returning to live at their home and will remain in Hampshire regardless of his employment status.

    This is a sticky appeal – If any one can help or point me in the right direction it would be appreciated. :~


    Collusive separation/fictitious desertion?

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