October 2010 changes?

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    Maybe I have dreamt this now, but weren’t the following happening from October 2010?

    – Clarification of the effective date of backdated claims,
    – End of foster children being included as part of the claimant’s household,
    – LAs to accept telephone notifications of change of circumstances more easily,
    – Provide for a one month time limit for requesting a statement of reasons (as opposed to 14 days), and
    – First payment being sent to landlord, (incl. cheque and BACS).

    Has anybody seen anything to confirm or deny…..

    chris harvey

    They are in the HB/CTB Miscellaneous Regulations 2010 about to be laid before parliament as soon as conference ends. Details are in the latest HB Direct including:-
    • the restoration of the intended operation of the regulations following Upper Tribunal judgements on
    – the pensioner ‘time for claiming’ provisions, and
    – application of the size criteria when the household includes a foster child
    • clarification that a request for backdating does not constitute a claim that is separate from an ongoing claim
    • greater discretion to accept a report from a customer of a change of circumstances by telephone
    • the discretion for LAs to make payment direct to a bank account where the first payment of rent allowance is to be made to
    the landlord
    Two further amendments are also planned to come into force in spring 2011
    • the abolition of the baby element in the Family Premium to reflect the abolition of the baby credit in Child Tax Credit that
    was announced in the Budget
    • the introduction of a full disregard of special guardianship order and residency order payments

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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