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    Can anyone recommend an on-line/ electronic training/ TNA package. We currently have Euclidian but staff have not been very positive about it. We have also has Shark in the past!

    Would be interested in what else people have used.


    You could take a look at HBLearning on HBLearning.co.uk. Its very user friendly


    HB learning is a fabulous learning tool – we use it at Brent in conjunction with our trainees training program – you can get staff to take tests/quizzes and the administrator which would be whoever you want can view the results how many attempts it took and how long – the modules are great and are marked as you complete them – you can also set different levels for different staff eg novice/ intermediate etc. There are circular summaries and commissioner decisions which are free. The people who set you up ie skill wise are really helpful. This product is by far the best on the market.. We have tried the Euclidian which wasn’t very good and we have had a demo of the mega expensive synergy regs on line but neither are half as good as HB Learning. 🙄

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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