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    The time has come to raise the subject of Underlying entitlement yet again with our assessment team. This is a recurring and thorny subject here due to the generic way in which the Adelphi apply the term and the more specific way in which our practisioners have to code things up on the system.
    I wondered if anyone out there had any recent training notes that I could glance at. I have copies of several of my previous training packs on this but thought it might help to take a fresh slant on the subject.
    We are a Northgate user so I would especially apreciate anything that includes system stuff.
    Promise not to plagerise but I feel as if I am going round in circles here.

    Debbie P

    Chris Robbins

    We do not have specific training notes as such, but if you look at the recent Commissioner’s case (which I lost), Commissioner Turnbull at the end of that decision gives his opinion on how we should operate the provisions of Reg 104 (which is the regulatory requirement for applying underlying entitlement when calculating overpayments).
    This should provide you with the basis for constructing training notes for your staff. The reference is CH/0360/2006 and you can find it in the caselaw section on this site.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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