One off payments made in advance

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    Has anyone come across this one?

    We have had a claim this week where a claimant was paid a one off payment for the rest of the financial year 2006/2007 before the payments were due. Despite several calls/emails to the IR we were unable to really establish what period was covered by the payment although we were able to make a near guesstimate.

    All we knew for sure was there had been a CoC and as there had apparently been problems with their system making the regular 4 weekly payments they decided to pay her the whole lot in advance. As it was not a weekly, fortnightly or 4 weekly payment it was unclear how we should be treating the payment.

    My inclination was to treat it a bit like we did the PVE ones but don’t know if this is correct. I feel we should be counting it as income as it’s not arrears.

    Any thoughts?

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