One Off Payments of Working Tax Credit – the DWP’s answer

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    I thought people might be interested in this reply I had from the Lucy Da Silva at the DWP when I queried what to do in a case where the WTC Award Notice had daily payments paid by the employer ,three fortnightly payments made by the IR (?) and three different one off payments (all on different dates!):

    “Our understanding from talking to HMRC has always been that a lump sum payment, usually at the start of the award (first payment) is arrears. However, where it is not clear from the award notice, clarification can be obtained from the helpline.

    As far as I know there are only two reasons for one-off payments. These are either arrears or due to rounding off of the instalments. Most awards will have one or two of these especially where payments are made directly to the claimant and via the employer. Sometimes the employer is unable to incorporate the payments into the salary in time resulting in a payment of arrears.

    Lucy Da Silva
    Housing Benefit Strategy Division
    5th Floor, Adelphi. ”

    I also asked “Why can’t the IR just add together the one off payments together and make one payment?” surprisingly I didn’t get an answer to that bit…

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