Optional AIF for "nil entitlement" cases

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    First some statements. Question comes later.

    When a pensioner has,

    * Claimed Pen Creds
    * Had income assessed
    * been turned down for GC and SC

    we are still sent an AIF for them.

    We [i:af6638ab3b]can[/i:af6638ab3b] use it to assess a HB claim. Its optional.
    If we choose to use it we are responsible if it is incorrect.

    So far so good…

    What we have decided to tryout is: on a per-case basis, use the AIF if it looks OK.
    Give out our regular HB form to assess income in a proportion of cases.

    [b:af6638ab3b]Question is this:[/b:af6638ab3b]
    In cases where we decide to use the optional AIF, are the Pen Serv going to maintain the figure?
    If not, we’ll be left with the job of uprating the all the “non-statutory” AIFs ourselves – which would negate the benefit of using it in the first place.

    Any word on the bush telegraph?

    Julian Hobson

    I think that the answer is that you don’t use the AIF but you actually use the [i:ef9877fb84]income and capital as assessed by the pension service [/i:ef9877fb84]which I think is a different animal altogether. In such a case you would input the breakdown using the appropriate income codes for your system making sure that you add back in any disregards, it will then stand up to ordinary uprating.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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