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    I have been asked to post the following questions: –

    Could authorities advise me how far back they go to calculate overpayments identified as a result of VF procedures.

    I.e. do they go back to the date that they introduced VF or back to the date that the change actually occurred?

    Are there any discretionary powers that can be used to decide appropriate dates?

    Finally, if authorities are using VF introduction dates as a start for calculating overpayments e.g. new claims module introduced first followed by reviews module at a later date are they using the date of the reviews module or the new claims module date as the start date?

    Any experiences or opinions shared would be much appreciated.



    Personally I do not see how the timing of the introduction of VF can have any bearing. Apart from the fact that (altogther now!) VF has no legal standing, I would have thought that you have to recalculate back to the original error, however it came to light.

    Having said this I have no idea what my own authority is actually doing, so best call the above a personal opinion!

    Carol Meredith

    I agree with Andy. I have never heard of an overpayment being calculated back to the date VF was introduced and cannot think of any grounds for doing so. The overpayment should be calculated back to the date that the change took place.


    & i’ll third that opinion. VF introduction date is irrelevant to when the change occurred & the effective date is the date the change happened


    Just returned from holiday but thought you would like to know.

    My line manager also emailed the DWP (he didn’t believe me) and they confirmed what we had previously said. And that the recovery of any overpayment created was at the decretion of the LA.

    Just goes to show that we can all agree on something!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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