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    Please help. Can anyone explain to me in plain English why the following overpayment has been classified this way.

    A claimant reports a CIC on the 16.08.06 which occurred 22.06.06. On the 25.08.06 we amend the claim and create the following OP –

    26.06.06 to 20.08.06 61.60 – Clmnt error
    21.08.06 to 27.08.06 7.70 – Other error
    28.08.06 to 03.09.06 7.70 LAERROR

    At the time of the calculation the paid to point was 03.09.06.
    This may be a silly question, but why would 21.08.06 to 27.08.06 be classified other error and not LAERROR?


    Is this a Council tenancy? Or a Private tenancy still paid in advance?

    Other Error was generally used for the payment of benefit that had already been received beyong the notified date at the point that the assessment was done.

    Hence if they are paid weekly in advance (CT) or a combination of advance and arrears (we used to pay four weekly as two weeks arrears two weeks advance) there would be benefit that has already been received beyond the date that the claimant notified us of the change.


    Thank you for the response. This is a private tenancy


    To answer this correctly:-

    What system do you have?

    What dates were payments made? You will need to check the date of payments and clarify if they are paid in advance or arrears.

    Be careful with sytem “other error” as that does not always mean eligible overpayment “other error”. Where a payment could have been prevented the payment would be classed as LA Error.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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