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    Has anyone got experience of selling of hb overpayment debt.

    Any information about how you went about it, or lessons learnt would be appreciated.

    We are an Academy site and would like to know about:
    1 who you approached
    2 what sort of deal you got
    3 how did you identify the debt
    4 how did this affect future PI performance

    My email address is james.bean@peterborough.gov.uk if you can share any information with me please.


    hi, do you mean actually selling it off or engaging the services of a debt collection agency ??


    We are looking at all opportunities really, even if we sell the debt to an agent we would still need to report on the collection for BVPI.

    Our options i suppose are to quite wide i.e. sell ageing inactive debt, or refer anything beyond a final notice, or even contract out the service for all of the collection process.

    Which do you have experience in?


    those debts that remain outstanding after issuing a final notice (and checking CIS for any benefit that can be deducted ) are referred to a debt collection agency.

    the agency will accept any debts where the balance is £15 or more.

    it is best to shop around as the commission rates do vary, at the moment we are being charged 20% for letters telephone calls etc and 30% for visits.

    we have only recently introduced this and will be monitoring the effectiveness in the coming months.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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