Overpayment or no overpayment

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    We have already uprated our pensioner caseload and increased the applicable amounts.

    However we are only now starting to add on the SC and AIF figures now that issues with SX3 and RAT software have been resolved.

    If we go back and add in the SC from 6th October 2003 we are going to create overpayments.

    Should we be putting the SC in from 6th October or a later date in order to avoid overpayments ?.


    The date to add in the SC from is determined by new HB Reg 68B. Broadly speaking this means that the date to include it from will depend upon when you were notified by the Pension Service about the award. However, the date to include the AIF from is more complicated because it depends who you believe. There has been a long running debate on these forums about this and you may want to check out some earlier posts. Essentially, the DWP are telling you to use it in the HB/CTB calc according to the normal COC provisions in reg 68 but many people, including me, are not convinced that this is either correct or the intention of the regulations.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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