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    We are currently setting up a debt recovery section to recover hb/ctb debts and this has coincided with income having a new system

    As a result of the latter, we are starting to be passed debts to recover from ongoing benefit which they don’t want to take over.

    Not all of these are suitable for recovery (old, pre 2000, been paying and now stopped and debtor not chased for 3/4 years)

    Does anyone have a recovery write off procedure that I could adapt ?

    – These are recoverable debts which we are deciding not to recover due to grounds of efficiency etc.

    This will also help my debt recovery set up.

    Many thanks


    what’s your email address and I’ll send you ours

    Neil K Day

    We have a Debt Recovery Strategy that was signed off at Cabinet in 2004.

    If a debt was raised more than four years ago and we are not recovering by HB deductions we write it off. It is classified as an “Aged debt”.

    If a debt was raised more than three years ago and no payment has been made in the last six months we write it off, This is classified as an “unproductive debt”.

    We review these cases every quarter.

    Hope this helps.


    Neil, thats helpful,

    In the case of an unproductive debt with no payments in the last 6 months, presumably, you have a program of activity which happens from the time the debtor stops paying to the time when you consider write-off ?

    reminder/phone contact etc ?

    Neil K Day

    There is a report that can be produced by our system (Academy). This has two parameters: 1) age of the debt. 2) Date of last payment.

    If we write off a debt we put a note on the HB claim to say if they reclaim please advise overpayments. This way we can reverse the write off and commence deductions.


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