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    Hi all – sorry it’s about overpayments.

    We were paying HB direct to a landlord’s agent. We then suspended payments pending a dispute between the landlord and the agent – the landlord alleged that the agent wasn’t forwarding rent payments to them.

    After about 4 months (I know -dont go there) we finally amended the claim to pay the landlord. However, our computer system paid the former agent in error.

    The Assessments team made a new payment to the landlord and decided to create an overpayment for the agent.

    I am having trouble getting my head around whether this actually falls within the overpayment regs. Can this be classed as an overpayment in the first place as a LA error.

    The agent says they forwarded it to the landlord and the landlord isn’t replying.

    I’m of the mind to write it off.

    Any ideas/suggestions?

    Does anyone else have this problem of Iworld paying the wrong payee. This appears to happen quite often.




    Just a note about iworld. Don’t forget you have to go in to the payables screen and reassign any outstanding payments. Otherwise it pays out to the original payee.

    Kevin D

    Assuming the clmt was actually entitled to the payment, it’s not an overpayment – even if paid to the wrong payee.

    The only option you have is to make a compensatory payment (outside of the HB scheme). As for the misdirected payment, if there is evidence that the agent is lying, is this not theft and a matter for Inspector Knacker?



    thanks Martin – i think AO’s forget to check

    thanks Kevin – i didnt think it was covered under the Regs. Will have to think about this a bit more and whether we can get the money back or not! Been a few mess-ups on this case so i’m thinking not.

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