Overpayments Officer pays their own wage

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    I am trying to build a case for employing an Overpayments Officer. My main argument is this will be ‘spending to save’, as the expense of paying their wage will be offset by the money they make in improving overpayment recovery.

    Has anyone done this, with evidence (ideally ‘hard’ evidence, but anecdotal evidence will do) that an Overpayment Officer has caused a ‘net’ gain in revenue? If yes, I would be really interested in hearing from you. If you don’t want to post on here, feel free to email me at sspencer@elmbridge.gov.uk.

    I envisage the officer doing things like administering court processes, phoning and visiting claimants to make arrangements, and generally keeping on top of the overpayments workload.

    Many thanks in advance,

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