Part of the rent being paid by a different LA

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    Clmt is receiving 2 local authority payments for care of her 3 nieces and nephews, who she has taken in, in order for them to come out of foster care, she is also in the process of getting a residency order for the children.
    In addition to this a different Local Authority from ours are paying £795.00 per month towards her rent which is £1195.00 per month do we deduct this from her rent liability? leave the rent as £1195.00 and disregard this as income as Community care and other Social Servcies payments

    Any help appreciated as I am at a loss



    Why are the other LA paying towards the rent prior to assessment of a HB claim?

    Are they doing so because they do not understand the role of HB?

    Have you spoken to them to advise they may be able to save some money by letting the HB claim be sorted and then they can pay a top up if required. I assume they have guaranteed a certain level of payment to the landlord due to the circumstances of the family in question.

    I think a bit more detail is required before a real answer could be given.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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