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    Partner from abroad!

    Partner from Hong Kong has recently moved in to clmnt home who is in receipt of PCGC. All we have to go on is a written statement to confirm partner is not on benefits has no bank accounts or any income and the clmnt will be supporting her.
    No Nino provided just a recent gas bill in partner’s name.

    Back to basics!
    What is required, and is it ok to include partner on claim now if at all?

    Many Thanks


    You will need to include the partner. There are no provisions in the HB/CTB Regs to ignore a partner.

    Check if she has a NINO. If not you will need to apply for one by sending off a DCI1.

    I would request sight of the partners passport and immigration status document as this may make a difference depending on the result of the DCI1 and will help you understand the PC decision.

    If the partner is subject to immigration control (no leave, no recourse etc) then your customers PC(GC) will be assessed as a couple with joint income / capital taken into account, but they will only be eligible for the single rate applicable amount. If the partner is here legally with no restrictions, they will be eligble for the couple rate.


    Many Thanks Steve

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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