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    We have a CTB customer on savings credit he has informed us that his wife has passed away – our council tax section have awarded SPD do we

    1. re cal due to spd and remove wife from claim but leave AIF income as a couple? OR
    2 re cal due to spd but leave wife on claim and leave AIF alone? OR
    3 Do nothing until the Pension Service advise us?

    any advise please


    i’m not sure if this is correct but i would recalculate based on the SPD. remove wife from claim and leave the AIF alone until i was notified by the pension service.


    My scenario is similar but more complicated. Any help would be appreciated!

    Claimant & partner on HB & CTB. They receive Savings Pension Credit, both receive State Retirement Pension. Claimant has occupational pension and also earned income from part time job. We are bound to use the AIF figure from the Pension Service.

    Claimant dies Wednesday 26.1.05. HB ends Sunday 30.1.05. CTAX liability ends Tuesday 25.1.05 thus ending CTB on same day.

    Partner claims in her own right. Start date of HB is 31.1.05 and CTB 26.1.05. All ok so far – but get this ETD received stating that she has been awarded Guarantee credit but only from Monday 31.1.05. The Pension Service say that this is because they have to take all income that they both received the previous week because the claimant died after the payment date of State Retirement Pensions and Savings credit.

    My question is this – what income do we take into account for CTB claim from 26.1.05 to 30.1.05?

    If we use the AIF figure – this will meant that this is effective from 26.1.05 to 6.2.05. Surely this cannot be right – to use earned income for 1 and 1/2 weeks for someone who is dead? How can this possibly be explained to someone who is suffering enough already?

    I hope that I am wrong and that I have missed something – but no-one at this authority can think of any other way of dealing with it wihtin the REGS. Help!!!!!!!


    sounds to me like TPS are making up regs. I doubt very much if the Pension Credit regs refer to payment dates. Why don’t you just use what the partner actually received i.e. RP only?


    Anyone else got any views on this?


    I think that as the wife has no AIF until 31.1.05, you are not bound by TPS decision until that date. So would probably go for RP only as this was the actual income she had prior to GC being awarded.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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