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    We have a couple who have made a new claim for HB/CTB. The claimant who has been awarded a single person rate of JSA(IB) by the DWP as the parter has no recourse to public funds, although they do both have a NINO.

    Am I right in thinking we can process this claim with the partner on it?


    Yes, the only problem would have been the NINO – but that is out of the way so there is now no obstacle to you processing this case as a normal couple.


    Ina similar case where the pfa partner wa self employed, would you:

    Treat as passported claim as clmt in receipt of JSA(IB)

    Treat as standard claim and add JSA(IB) as Misc income and add partner’s income and joint capital

    or something else?


    Treat as a passported benefit claim as they will be entitled to JSA(IB) as a couple all be it at a single person rate.

    The DWP would have needed to take the partners self-employed income and any capital into consideration when making their decision so it will be worth contacting them to confirm they are aware of the partners income just to make sure.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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