Partner on GC moves in

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    Darren Tompkins


    Anyone any advice on this one?

    Claimant on AIF/SC. Partner on GC moves in. We insert the partner into the claim and it awards GC. Based on information we hold, the claimants SRP + partner’s Oc Pension are likely to be over the couple’s appropriate amount for GC. The D&A regs give the ability to suspend if doubt over entitlement, but should HB/CTB assessors be making a decision as to whether PC would change? Personally, I think we are bound by the existing ETD’s until we are informed of a change by the PS.

    What would you do in these cicumstances and why?

    1. Insert partner, inform PS and run on GC until joint ETD received.
    2. Insert partner, inform PS and suspend HB/CTB until ETD received.

    NB – If partner dies in a PC claim we would leave claim open until new decision received.


    Recently had one exactly like yours, I checked CIS and the DWP were aware of the partner moving but as thie AIP (Assessed Income Period) was not affected they did not revise or supercede PC entitlement for either, The key is the AIP, if they are not superceding the AIP then you have no need to worry.

    Have a look at notes and other details on CIS and you should be able to determine if PC correctly paid. If a Private Pension or SRP does not change becaue of the household change then the DWPWOuld probably keep the AIP in place and supercede at the end of the period.

    Hope that helps.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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