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    Further to the previous posts regarding paying HB monthly, can I politely ask if any LA does actually pay HB monthly and if so have you experienced any problems?

    I would be especially interested to hear from any Northgate sites.

    The reason for asking is that I have been threatened with a judicial review over our ‘refusal to revise our decision’ not to pay a customer monthly.

    We are in the process of testing the facility, but any advance warning of issues and problems will be advantageous.


    My current Council does and this was an area of great dispute between the LA and our Auditors.

    Northgate will have no issues paying calendar monthly payments from April 06. (Err let me change that to shouldl). The need for testing is therefore minimal as it does work (again… disclaimers / riders everything else applies in relation to any bug not yet spotted). Make sure you set your payment date to 28th for payment in arrears cases and 16th for old scheme advance cases.

    Payments prior to April 06 are complicated as payments are made relating to the payment period for the month in question. This seriously complicates the calculation of under / overpayments caused by changes of circumstances. A payment for February will cover a period of four weeks, a payment for March will cover a period of 31 days. Therefore the weekly eligible rent will change over the period in question.

    In deciding whether to pay calendar monthly you (as an Authority) are required to take into account the pay frequency of the claimant but administrative convenience is also a factor. The issue with regard to complicated change of circs calculations is no longer there so that cannot be used in any defence. It is easy to do, so why not just do it?


    One Northgate issue – you cannot turn a weekly payer into a monthly payer case, or vice versa, they need to be on new claim refs.

    Kevin D

    [quote:65fcdcbe0c]administrative convenience is also a factor.[/quote:65fcdcbe0c]

    Just a small obs. In my view, it would be difficult for an LA to rely on this as a defence. I think the clmt’s interests would almost always override.


    I should have guessed that Northgate wouldn’t make it easy.

    I hope, if and when, we are able to offer the facility that all 11,500 private tenants and their landlords do not opt for monthly payments.

    I do not fancy cancelling and re-opening all those claims.

    Thanks for views.


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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