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    Joanne Ross

    I have a claimant who applied for HB & CTB in April, which was backdated to January. At this time the information provided showed her capital was below £16k. We duly awarded HB & CTB correctly.

    We also advised her to claim pension credits as her income was below her applicable amount.

    The claimant has now been awarded a Saving Credit from January, but the pension service are stating her capital exceeds £16k.

    We have gone back with the PC award & captial and created overpayments for both HB & CTB.

    I’m not sure if we should have gone back to Janaury, as this is a new PC award, or amended her income details from the Monday following DWP notification.

    I have advised my customer to go back to the pension service to amend her captial back, and we will amend her claim in-line.

    Can anyone clarify if we have amended her income correctly

    Thanks :~


    If it’s a new Pension credit award then you should only input from the Monday following the ETD. As long as you are satisfied that the capital was correct from January to the date of the ETD then benefit should still be awarded up until the Monday following the date of the ETD.

    Re the capital amount – unless the Pension Service have made a mistake with the capital amount then you have to take that figure into account and if it’s over £16k then the claimant will be ineligible from the Monday after the ETD. You can only ignore the Pension Service amount if the AIF figure is below £16k and you have proof that the capital exceeds £16k.

    You would then need to make sure that you had all the correct info re her capital to make sure that had less than £16k from January up until the ETD receipt date.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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