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    Does anyone use pen scanners for copying documents when visiting the customer at home?

    If so, I would be grateful if you could let me know the make / model and how well it works for you, etc

    Roxina Bann

    Anthony Sandys

    We use the DocuPen R.700 here at Darlington and they work very well for us. All of the visiting staff use them and have not encountered any problems, and the images can be imported easily into Anite Images@Work.


    We tried scanning pens but didn’t get on with them, we use digital cameras as it doesn’t matter how faint, tattered or what colour the document is.



    Does anyone else worry about their VO’s walking the streets and people’s homes with half of Currys (pen scanners, tablet PCs, cameras, mobiles) in their briefcases??

    Just a thought for a Wednesday afternoon…….


    Our tablets have encription software on that even our IT section couldn’t get through so not really concerned about data.

    As far as the VO’s are concerned they don’t carry them about that much, just from car to property, but they are instructed to hand over the equipment if someone tries to rob them. The Tablet wil be useless and the cameras are only about £100.

    I can imagine it is more of a worry in larger cities.



    Thanks for the info!

    We have looked at the pen on the website and it looks as if its what we need. From the postings from other users on there, it also looks as if one or two scottish authorities use this pen




    The tablets would not be useless, as the software can be wiped. Even if the drive is locked the drive can be protected and bios passwords are wiped simply by removing the battery.

    On my laptop (a Dell XPS) you can set the bios to report its location on a daily basis. If reported stolen, the location is sought every five minutes. There are software alternatives (not quite as good as hardware options but still likely to catch the opportunist thief).

    There are many others around but these are the ones who buid the bios add on for dell.

    Julian Hobson

    on the pen front – have a look at the more upto date one. Its quicker and has much more memory with the cards that can be used. Not endorsing this at all, we might be trialling one.


    What make/model of tablets are used?

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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