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    I have got a pensioner that is entitled to an automatic 3 month backdate, but he was living in hotels before his permanent tenancy started and it was not continuous.

    My question is , can i give him the 3 month backdate whilst he was living in these hotels even though he was not living in them continuously and there is a 3 week gap from the last hotel he stayed in to the start of his new claim.

    Please help i’ve never come accross this one before


    Can’t see any problems with paying for the periods he was liable to make payments. 2 things spring to mind though, does CPS apply OR is a claim form reqired for the periods he was not liable to make rental payments. I guess, to keep everyone happy, just ask him to complete short claim forms or any other form of application acceptable to your LA for the periods he was liable to make payments. Sorry, bit of a lazy answer but, like I said, there is no problem paying for the periods he is otherwise entitled to benefit for 3 months prior to his claim. How you go about it is another matter.


    One claim form is enough – no different to using one form for both an ongoing award and a backdated award.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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